Wetell.news terms and conditions for members

  1. WeTell.News ("WeTell", "we") is a news curation service that aims to reward publishers of original news that is fair and of high-quality.
  2. This site is still a work in progress. Currently it is only in a prototype phase. How it works may change rapidly. Also these terms of service will change, perhaps frequently, between now and the point, if reached, at which Wetell.news is production-ready. The latest version of the terms of service is located at https://wetell.news/tos/.
  3. During the prototype phase, the WeTell database may be erased completely, and this may be done repeatedly. All user data will be lost it will be impossible to recover it. Once the prototype phase is over, we will do better, and update these terms of service.
  4. We make absolutely no guarantees about the future of this site or how it will be used.
  5. Members with Premium status can use this site to create news bulletins. A mechanism is being established to financially reward both news curators and publishers, but this mechanism is not yet implemented and there is no guarantee when or how it will be implemented.
  6. We will not intentionally pass details that you provide us to any third party unless you agree for those details to be provided or we are ordered to do so by a court of law. While we will do everything in our power to reduce security flaws in the site, we cannot guarantee that the site is impervious to malicious behaviour that results in the theft of your personal data.
  7. WeTell allows you to create content by commenting and creating curated news bulletins. You incur much responsibility in doing this. In particular:
    1. You may not use WeTell to advertise services or products.
    2. You may not advocate hatred or violence towards people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender or sexual orientation.
    3. You may not intentionally spread news that is false.
    4. You may not defame people unless what you write is true and in the public interest.
    5. You may not abuse the system or exploit any security holes in it that you may become aware of.
  8. We can suspend your membership at any time and for any length if we are of the view that you have violated the terms of service.
  9. You join this site at your own risk.