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  1. News24.com | OPINION | Human Rights Day: Standing shoulder to shoulder for the rights of LGBTQIA+

    The legal situation in Mexico, South Africa, and Germany when it comes to LGBTQIA+ rights sometimes stands in stark contrast with the reality experienced by our fellow citizens. Societal acceptance is

  2. News24.com | OPINION | Brenda Kubheka: Doctors as advocates of human rights in SA

    Linking human rights and health is critical when assessing the population's health—for example, the causal effect of inadequate housing on overcrowding and the spread of infectious diseases. After all

  3. News24.com | OPINION | Human rights are for all, but there must be a prioritisation in justice quests

    Human rights will be part of our discourse as long as inequality persists and equality of worth and dignity, equality of access to the necessities, goods, opportunities and joys of life is not experie

  4. News24.com | OPINION | Chrispin Phiri: South Africa is a jewel. Let's find a way to make it our treasure again

    The question that should perhaps be the most focal point of our nation at any given point is how we overcome our prevailing dichotomies, writes Chrispin Phiri.

  5. News24.com | Joe Kitchen | If only the ANC would self-destruct like the Royals

    Like the Royal Family, the ANC live on their own planet, utterly oblivious of the needs and the struggles of ordinary people in the street. It is time for both to go, writes Joe Kitchen.

  6. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Geo Quinot and Sandra Liebenberg: Report on Stellenbosch University language issue flawed

    Geo Quinot and Sandra Liebenberg reflect on the recent South African Human Rights report that found that Stellenbosch University violated several constitutional rights of Afrikaans-speaking students,

  7. News24.com | Geordin Hill-Lewis | How on earth did Bheki Cele survive the cabinet reshuffle?

    Under Bheki Cele's oversight, South Africa is undoubtedly more lawless and violent, and the SAPS is undoubtedly less capable than ever of turning the tide, argues Geordin Hill-Lewis.

  8. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Is funding the answer to SA’s foundation phase reading problem?

    There needs to be rigorous monitoring of the use by provincial governments and schools of the existing budget should to inform any decision on whether increased funding is the answer to the country's

  9. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Time to go back to drawing board to help Special Tribunal achieve its purpose

    Selby Makgotho breaks down why a recent Constitutional Court judgment regarding the Special Tribunal is important and what it means going forward. The court had ruled that the Special Tribunal was not

  10. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | Someone needs to hit the reset button on world affairs

    In light of various developments worldwide, Oscar van Heerden asks if we are not experiencing the clash of civilisations as posited by Samuel Huntington.

  11. News24.com | CARTOON BY CARLOS | Ending poverty the EFF and Saftu way

  12. News24.com | LETTER TO THE EDITOR | SA confirms its adherence to sovereign principles but sides with Russia

    Former South African Ambassador of Thailand, Roel H Goris argues that there are some crucial points that News24 columnist Oscar van Heerden missed in a recent column he wrote.

  13. News24.com | OPINION | Ukraine conflict reveals multi-lateral collective security system needs an overhaul

    While the war is continuing in Ukraine, it is important for us to prepare for peace and ensure the foundations for peace-building are in place, writes Felicity Harrison.

  14. News24.com | Mamphela Ramphele | What we are experiencing now is not true South Africa. We can be more

    The need for urgent change is obvious. We cannot continue to live the way we are. It’s not just our well-being that is at stake but the future of our species and our planet. We urgently need to shift

  15. News24.com | Douglas Gibson | Why I am supporting John Steenhuisen's second term as DA leader

    With the DA Federal Congress taking place next month, Douglas Gibson explains why he is placing his hat behind John Steenhuisen for a second term as leader of the party.

  16. News24.com | OPINION | Mapi Mhlangu: Public hospitals turned into crime scenes amid Nehawu strike

    After struggling to access healthcare for her elderly aunt at a public hospital during the Nehawu strike, Mapi Mhlangu writes public servants should prioritise the needs of the people they serve and e

  17. News24.com | Cyril Ramaphosa | An efficient, lean government is important... but we can't be fixated on head counts

    There was much criticism over the increase in the number of Cabinet ministries to 30. Yet there has been little analysis of why we made these changes and whether they were necessary, writes Cyril Rama

  18. News24.com | Siphamandla Zondi | Tshwane shenanigans leave city in tatters

    The recent shenanigans in Tshwane are a mirror on politics without principles that have spread throughout the country. They serve as a warning to us about what we need to fix to avoid the collapse of

  19. News24.com | OPINION | SA needs to learn from Nigerian and Zimbabwean elections to avoid democratic collapse

    The recently concluded Nigerian elections have left a sour aftertaste across the west African country and have triggered a necessary conversation about democracy and electoral credibility in southern

  20. News24.com | OPINION | Confidence and supply as an alternative to a DA/ANC coalition

    Martin van Staden writes there is a better option available then for the DA to consider entering a formal coalition with the ANC on 2024.

  21. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | Burning down the house: Anatomy of the battle for free education

    Why despite increased money flow to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme do we remain stuck in the same place, repeating student protests year after year? Experts tackle the issue in this week's

  22. News24.com | CARTOON BY CARLOS | Dali's new low

  23. News24.com | John Steenhuisen | Despite doubt prompted by developments in Tshwane, coalitions do work

    Following the upheaval in Tshwane last week, John Steenhuisen asks what needs to be in place to ensure coalitions have the best chance of success.

  24. News24.com | OPINION | A ‘one member, one vote’ system could help ANC deepen its internal democracy

    If the ANC decides to adopt the 'one member, one vote' system, it will see the party do away with its delegate system. Joel Bregman argues this is incredibly significant for the ANC's internal democra

  25. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Power cuts: SA’s state of disaster heads to court - Covid rulings give clues to outcome

    Based on the Covid-19 tobacco cases, the courts considering challenges to the load shedding disaster will need to decide whether there is a "necessary and objective connection" between the steps gover

  26. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | Senator Lindsey Graham, your bully tactics will not alter the course of history

    Oscar van Heerden reflects on a recent ultimatum to the US Congress, that questions South Africa's stance on Russia and China, writing that we will not be bullied

  27. News24.com | EDITORIAL | Ubuntu on life support as strikers target children, patients and students

    Pulling an injured child from an ambulance by striking healthcare workers in KwaDukuza is not legitimate protest action, but criminal barbarism, writes News24's editors.

  28. News24.com | OPINION | Juliana Claassens: 'Nevertheless, she persisted': The power of feminist memes

    Slogans, which in some cases have been turned into feminist memes, represent the words of women who lived very real lives, facing and fighting very real struggles caused by enemies who are very real i

  29. News24.com | Jane Duncan | South Africa’s intelligence agency needs speedy reform - or it must be shut down

    Government’s underestimation of the time needed to restructure the intelligence agency could have potentially serious, even dangerous, consequences, writes Jane Duncan.

  30. News24.com | Brett Herron | Season of mayoral musical chairs must end

    What happened in Tshwane, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay, and was proposed for the small Western Cape Town, reveal why we need rules on how coalition governments are established and can be removed f

  31. News24.com | Francis Petersen | A culture of acceptance could be our biggest threat

    Amid the various threats currently faced by our beleaguered country, there is one that many people seem oblivious to – but which has the potential to speedily and decisively send us over the precipice

  32. News24.com | Cyril Ramaphosa | We must work harder to close the pay gap between men and women

    Women's economic empowerment is an important pillar of our struggle to end gender-based violence and femicide. We have recognised that unequal access to resources and economic opportunity makes it mor

  33. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Jimmy Carter: the American president whose commitment to Africa went beyond his term

    Former US President Jimmy Carter has opted for hospice care at his home in Georgia. John Stremlau writes that his enduring commitment to non-racialism and human rights at home shaped his interest and

  34. News24.com | OPINION | Tunusha Naidoo: Technology helped me 'see'

    Tunusha Naidoo was born visually impaired. She writes that use of technology has allowed her to be more socially, economically, and educationally included in society. She is now studying for her PhD.

  35. News24.com | OPINION | Anroux Marais: We owe our women female sporting stars fair salaries

    With the growth of women’s sports and its increasing popularity, it is unacceptable that our women athletes do not always experience the same levels of professionalisation and payment in their respect

  36. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | 'Captured' and directionless: Why the police are failing

    Former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter recently put the spotlight firmly on the state of the police following his claims of inaction and botched investigations.

  37. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Selby Makgotho: Section 89 Concourt ruling - What next for Ramaphosa?

    Following the Constitutional Court's ruling on Wednesday on the Section 89 report, President Cyril Ramaphosa must now decide whether to institute review proceedings in the lower court with jurisdictio

  38. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Bola Ahmed Tinubu promised to 'renew hope' for Nigeria - 5 ways he can achieve this

    Controversy around Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory underscore the task ahead of him. Once he’s inaugurated as Nigeria's president, he will have to lead his administration in five key focus areas, writes A

  39. News24.com | ANALYSIS | God and politics in South Africa: The governing ANC’s winning strategy

    The ANC in many respects remains committed to a secular state and many of its policies yet the party is also religious in important senses. David Jeffery-Schwikkard ?writes the party may have found th

  40. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | Rather than staying in a laager, let's fight for our future

    We can either remain extremely pessimistic about our future and remain in our laagers or we can embrace the challenges ahead and decide to do it together as a nation, securing our and our children's f

  41. News24.com | CARTOON BY CARLOS | Mafia state master class

  42. News24.com | John Steenhuisen | Let’s be clear about who is to blame for load shedding

    The ANC has been vocal in denying its involvement in corruption at Eskom. If the governing party is indeed innocent, it should strongly support the DA's request for an ad hoc parliamentary committee,

  43. News24.com | Joe Kitchen | Who will answer the call of the guitars this time?

    South Africa today is an empty theatre. A blank canvas. A bunch of songs still unsung. And, unless we sing these songs unless we fill this theatre, unless we do these things, this country will remain

  44. News24.com | Rich Mkhondo | The death penalty should be available to the worst of the worst

    Having the death penalty in place is not barbaric and backwards argues Rich Mkhondo. He writes it has the effect of minimising the actual commission of murders, either because the threat of violence d

  45. News24.com | OPINION | Tanya de Villiers-Botha: Risks and limitations of ChatGPT and Bing Chat?

    Chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing Chat have bias, a lack of actual understanding, and the potential to mislead. To understand how these risks arise, we need to look at how these syst

  46. News24.com | Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane | We can't just scrap online admission system. Here is why

    A lack of schools and classrooms are the ultimate obstacle to placing learners rather than the online system, writes Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane.

  47. News24.com | OPINION | Ezekiel Kekana: No place for state capture beneficiaries in cabinet reshuffle

    There are three people mentioned in the Zondo report as being beneficiaries of state capture. Ezekiel Kekana writes that President Cyril Ramaphosa should act in accordance with the commission's recomm

  48. News24.com | Amy Myers Jaffe | The war hasn’t left Europe freezing, but has caused crises in unexpected places

    Thanks to a combination of preparation and luck, Europe has avoided blackouts and power cutoffs over the past year while war has raged in Ukraine. Instead, less wealthy nations like Pakistan and India

  49. News24.com | Ronald Suny | Ukraine war exposed the folly – and unintended consequences – of ‘armed missionaries’

    The war in Ukraine was a colossal blunder on Vladmir Putin’s part: It has weakened Russia significantly, solidified the NATO powers around the leadership of the United States and created a more unifie

  50. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | Ukraine war: One year on

    Russia expected the ‘military operation’ in Ukraine to be easy. But a year later, it has proved a costly exercise. Besides the obvious impact on Ukraine and Russia, it has also had ramifications in So