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  1. News24.com | OPINION | Aida Coertse: Let's stand up and be the voice for the women of Iran

    Aida Coertse is an Iranian women living in South Africa. She writes that as a woman, as a mother, and as a daughter she stands next to her sisters in Iran and asks for freedom of choice, following the

  2. News24.com | Ben Winks | Farewell to a Chinese icon who stood up against hate speech

    109-year-old Pon Ng Sui Chee, a beloved matriarch of Johannesburg's close-knit community of Chinese South Africans recently died but not before seeing the end of the five-year-long legal fight against

  3. News24.com | Cyril Ramaphosa | A million work and livelihood opportunities... and counting

    Through the Presidential Employment Stimulus, we have unlocked energy, commitment, creativity, innovation and opportunities, writes President Cyril Ramaphosa in his weekly newsletter.

  4. News24.com | OPINION | Terence Corrigan: Resolving challenges - perhaps this is what it takes?

    Dr Oscar van Heerden is mistaken in presenting Rob Hersov as having confined himself to finger-pointing and insults, writes Terence Corrigan.

  5. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Dj Shimza v Nota Baloyi: One of the most expensive tweets in South Africa

    Twitter has become a melting pot of ideas, expression of views and opinions with serious overlapping consequences, writes advocates Michael Matlapeng & Katlego Malatji.

  6. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | Torn Asunder: Fragmented and broken, new ANC leadership must work towards 2024

    Regardless of whether Ramaphosa gets his second term or if the RET faction wins in December, the ANC is going to need to unify ahead of 2024.

  7. News24.com | OPINION | Brent Lindeque: The Good Things Guy offers tips for the last quarter of 2022

    I keep saying this and will say it again, it’s the ordinary South Africans who make this country great, writes Brent Lindeque.

  8. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | We are on the precipice – will we have a nuclear fallout in our lifetime

    It's time for a rethink by the West about the ultimate end game here and it's not going to be a fallen Putin nor a fallen Russian economy, writes Oscar van Heerden.

  9. News24.com | ANALYSIS | When can someone be removed from public land without a court order?

    In some circumstances, the state can immediately remove someone who occupies public land, without a court order, using the concept of counter-spoliation. But the person must be offered shelter.

  10. News24.com | OPINION | Lizette Rabe: Solving SA’s mental health crises starts by educating ourselves

    A student on one of our privileged campuses has been on a waiting list for mental health support since May this year. Other students, from another (privileged) campus, say there is a crisis on their c

  11. News24.com | OPINION | Jacques Moolman: SA’s dirty laundry time bomb has exploded. Now, we must fix the mess

    Maybe the lesson is simply that to avoid more dirty linen we need to make the bed ourselves, writes the president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jacques Moolman.

  12. News24.com | OPINION | Pule Mabe: The ANC's money troubles - what is going on and who is responsible?

    All right-thinking and well-intentioned ANC cadres must be deeply concerned with the financial situation we find ourselves in, writes ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe in his personal capacity.

  13. News24.com | OPINION | Adam Craker: SA ahead of the world for once – but it's nothing to be proud of

    Let's ensure that, in the next decade, South Africa is a step ahead for the right reasons, writes IQbusiness' Adam Craker.

  14. News24.com | Elmien du Plessis | Land, Law and (Afrikaner) Nostalgia

    The ending of apartheid disrupted the Afrikaner identity. Afrikaners had to, and still have to, find ways to adapt, Elmien du Plessis said in her inaugural lecture as a full professor at North-West Un

  15. News24.com | Cyril Ramaphosa | No quick fix for load shedding, but real progress is being made

    As we work with greater urgency to fix the immediate problem of an unreliable power system, we are also busy laying the groundwork for a sustainable, lasting solution to the country’s electricity woes

  16. News24.com | Omphemetse Sibanda | SA needs more women judges to head courts - and this can soon be fixed

    In its submission to the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) regarding the upcoming October 2022 interviews for judges, the Democratic Governance and Rights Unit (DGRU), which is an applied research un

  17. News24.com | Tinyiko Maluleke | A review of the NDP necessary for course correction

    As we marked our National Heritage Day, it is necessary to state that, apart from the Constitution of our Republic, the National Development Plan (NDP) is arguably one of the most important heritages

  18. News24.com | OPINION | Owen Dean: Constitutional Court judgment exposes defects in copyright amendments bill

    Earlier this week the Constitutional Court ruled that section 19D of the Copyright Amendment Bill can not be passed. Owen Dean writes that in light of this, pressing on with this defective Bill will c

  19. News24.com | OPINION | Peter Teixeira: Littering cannot be part of our legacy and heritage

    Millions spent cleaning municipalities because of littering could be used could be better channelled towards further uplifting our communities, writes Peter Teixeira.

  20. News24.com | OPINION | Chris Jones: Building our heritage - Your words could be causing harm

    Dangerous, harmful words do not serve our democracy. We should remind one another of the need to build a culture that is welcoming and promotes human rights in line with our inherited constitutional v

  21. News24.com | OPINION | Jonathan Ancer: Cutting edge heritage

    Jonathan Ancer describes the journey of a giant pair of scissors that made their way from Poland to South Africa. He writes that it is a piece of history that links him to a Polish village, whose name

  22. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | Kaput: Things fall apart (at Eskom)

    While the warning lights have been on since 1998 about the electricity problem, we are nowhere close to resolving it.

  23. News24.com | CARTOON BY CARLOS | No lightbulb moment for Cyril Ramaphosa

  24. News24.com | OPINION | Future considerations for SA's energy crisis: equitable access

    Only 16% of the population has access to electricity and therefore, the solutions to address the ongoing energy crisis present an opportunity to leave no one behind, writes Nqobile Xaba.

  25. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | Hurling insults, Mr Hersov, won't help us resolve our challenges

    President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet does deserve criticism but there is a way to go about doing it, writes Oscar van Heerden.

  26. News24.com | RIGHT OF REPLY | Rob Hersov responds to criticism: I’m not leaving SA, and I’m not stopping

    South Africans have become so acclimatised to the endless failures we experience and learn about on a daily basis, and yet so few leaders in business are prepared to say in public what they say to eac

  27. News24.com | OPINION | Robyn Schnell: We are not bound by our past

    While we cannot escape our violent past, we are also not bound to it, writes Robyn Schnell.

  28. News24.com | Cyril Ramaphosa | To realise our economy's potential, we need to fix the electricity crisis

    Government is working to make South Africa's economy competitive, efficient and attractive to international and local companies, but needs to first ensure that the Eskom crisis is resolved, writes Cyr

  29. News24.com | OPINION | Yoliswa Makhasi: We can only break the cycle of corruption if we work together

    Government knows that fighting corruption requires concrete actions and we are determined that the public sector will lead the way, writes Yoliswa Makhasi.

  30. News24.com | Nicole Fritz | ZEP extension doesn't cure defects in deciding to end permit

    The extension of the ZEP to next year, while potentially holding out some relief to individual ZEP holders, does not cure the fundamental defects in the Minister’s decision to end the permit, and so t

  31. News24.com | OPINION | Mudzuli Rakhivhane: This is why Mmusi Maimane's name will appear again on ballot paper

    As it seems Parliament will pass a new law that will make it very difficult for independents and community organisations to stand alone, a new political vehicle will launch this weekend that will appe

  32. News24.com | OPINION | We want ubuntu, but fail to treat our domestic workers properly

    Every August, South Africans engage in a national conversation about women and gender equality ignoring the inequalities they perpetuate in their own homes, and domestic workers are tired, write Pinky

  33. News24.com | OPINION | Love her or hate her, there are lessons to learn from Queen Elizabeth's life

    Following the death of Queen Elizabeth, Bouwer van Niekerk asks that as we reflect on her life, if there any positives that we can take from it and even learn from.

  34. News24.com | OPINION | Marshall Dlamini: EFF turns nine - Building a solid organisational foundation for economic freedom

    Nine years later, there is no doubt that the EFF's presence in all parts of South Africa positions the organisation as the future government, writes EFF secretary-general Marshall Dlamini.

  35. News24.com | OPINION | Jane Marie Ongolo: Social media makes it easier for human traffickers to ensnare victims

    The internet has revolutionised human trafficking. It has presented recruiters with more convenient ways to connect with targeted victims, usually with fake job offers, or to find buyers for their pro

  36. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Why doesn’t SA use this bargaining chip when it makes deals with drugmakers?

    Drug trials to test a new HIV prevention method was trialled in South Africa but now the country won’t be able to afford to buy it for the people who need it most. Here’s how to change this, writes Cl

  37. News24.com | Ebrahim Fakir | The ANC policy conference: Being and nothingness. Why it matters and why it doesn't

    The ANC's continued conceptualisation of South Africa as "Colonialism of a Special Type" is inaccurate and misleading. But it is a handy pretence at an ideological instrument which is in fact devoid o

  38. News24.com | CARTOON BY CARLOS | Deepening the debate at the ANC's policy conference

  39. News24.com | FRIDAY BRIEFING | ANC policy conference: Taking the party's temperature

    At this crucial time in the country's history, this weekend's ANC policy conference should be the best place to discuss and tackle the ongoing challenges. But it is unlikely that we will see this.

  40. News24.com | OPINION | Ancois de Villiers: Sustainability and resilience are not just buzzwords in conservation

    The paradox between the use of the terms sustainability and resilience re-emphasises the complexity of reality and how difficult it is to address environmental challenges, writes Ancois de Villiers.

  41. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Sandy Africa: SA has been warned that it faces an ‘Arab Spring'. So what are the chances?

    Uprisings like those that occurred in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, were the result of combustible local conditions, triggered by a small spark. But South Africa is in a very different space, politically,

  42. News24.com | Oscar van Heerden | While Mbeki's criticism resonated, he wasn't exactly being truthful

    While there are still several issues to iron out, there is an economic plan and social compact in place, despite what former President Thabo Mbeki says, writes Oscar van Heerden.

  43. News24.com | OPINION | Thandi Tobias: South Africa remains resilient and will continue to rise

    Brand SA's Thandi Tobias writes that South Africans have always demonstrated amazing goodwill, ability, determination, and dedication to rally together to push back against attempts to polarise us fur

  44. News24.com | Ebrahim Harvey | A tribute to Don Mattera - a giant among us has died

    Don Mattera leaves a formidable literary legacy for future generations of poets, writers and community activists to imbibe and draw lessons from for determining a fundamentally different future, write

  45. News24.com | ANALYSIS | Christopher Changwe Nshimbi: Migration is a decisive factor in African integration

    The free movement of goods, services and finances should be extended to include the free movement of people throughout Africa, writes Christopher Changwe Nshimbi.

  46. News24.com | OPINION | Tseliso Thipanyane: Ridding SA of foreign nationals will not rid country of its problems

    The Zondo Commission into state capture made it quite clear that corruption played a large role in the current situation South Africa finds itself in. It is surprising, then that people buy into the r

  47. News24.com | OPEN LETTER TO JOE PHAALA AND DAVID MAKHURA | Listen to us when we advocate for our patients

    The 'I am movement' has written a follow up open letter to Health Minister Joe Phaala and Gauteng Premier David Makhura asking for a positive response to their call for a revitalised and high-performi

  48. News24.com | OPINION | Kris Dobie: Cadre deployment - Why it was once necessary, but is no longer required

    If we want to fix the problem, the data is very clear about the fact that we should stop deployment practices and move towards a professional public service, writes The Ethics Institute's Kris Dobie.

  49. News24.com | OPINION | Norah Hashim Msuya, Paul Kariuki: Revive state capacity to shore up support for democracy

    With the country facing crises on multiple fronts, President Cyril Ramaphosa will need to continue to centralise his authority and overrule obstructionist colleagues, if he can't make sweeping leaders

  50. News24.com | OPINION | Liberia Salasa: Prison Healthcare is better than it was before and here are 5 reasons why

    Healthcare worker Liberia Salasa has written a response to Judge Edwin Cameron who is of the view that prisoners are often overlooked in an unequal health system.