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  1. WATCH: Coyote strays into California school toilets

    The animal was given the nickname "Wile E." after the Warner Brothers character.

  2. Jim Redmond: Tributes paid after death of Derek Redmond's father

    Jim Redmond, who famously helped his injured son Derek cross the 400m finish line at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, has died aged 81.

  3. Tory conference: Liz Truss declines to say she trusts Kwasi Kwarteng

    The prime minister was asked several times if she trusts Kwasi Kwarteng with future policy decisions.

  4. Physics Nobel rewards science at the smallest scales

    This year's prize recognises quantum mechanics - the science that describes nature at the scale of atoms and smaller.

  5. Chris Kaba: Inquest opens into death of man shot dead by police

    A coroner offers his condolences to the family of Chris Kaba as he opens an inquest.

  6. Pound hits two-week high after debt plan U-turn

    Kwasi Kwarteng will bring forward details of how he would cut debt to try to reassure investors.

  7. Liverpool dog attack: Man arrested after woman killed

    A 31-year-old man is held on suspicion of owning a dog dangerously out of control in Liverpool.

  8. Tenants' relief as rent freeze to be fast-tracked

    The emergency legislation at Holyrood also provides for a six-month moratorium on evictions.

  9. Tony Hickmott: Autistic man to be released after 21 years in hospital

    Mum of Tony Hickmott, who has been held in a secure hospital since 2001, says: "He's coming home."

  10. Helping others with one-handed life hacks

    Chiara Beer makes videos to help people who, like her, have to carry out tasks with one hand.

  11. Four women to run post office and count penguins in Antarctica

    The team will also monitor a colony of gentoo penguins on Goudier Island for five months.

  12. Liz Truss refuses to rule out real-terms benefit cuts

    The PM is facing opposition from some Tory MPs over how the government will pay for its growth plans.

  13. Calais migrants: Smugglers cause fresh problems for police

    New Calais smuggling networks are making it even harder to stop rising numbers of Channel crossings.

  14. North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

    It prompted a warning from the Japanese government for people in northern areas to take cover.

  15. Nick Kyrgios seeks dismissal of assault case on mental health grounds

    The tennis player - who is accused of assaulting an ex-partner - cites his struggles with mental health.

  16. Covid inquiry first preliminary hearing to begin

    The inquiry's first module looks at pandemic preparedness, as campaigners say lessons must be learned.

  17. Edenfield Centre: Care watchdog praised bosses at abuse hospital

    Inspectors also endorsed staff "values" at a time when the BBC was filming patients being mistreated.

  18. Confidence Man: Key revelations from new book on Donald Trump

    The former president weighed bombing Mexican drug labs and nearly fired his daughter, a new book claims.

  19. Newspaper headlines: Liz Truss 'faces new Tory rebellion' after tax cut U-turn

    Tuesday's papers are dominated by claims the PM faces a new revolt over public spending cuts.

  20. Food charity Fareshare's donations from supermarkets drop

    Demand for Fareshare’s help continues to grow, but there’s been a big fall from their biggest donors.

  21. Ros Atkins on... why protests are happening in Iran

    Demonstrations are happening across the country following the death of a woman detained by morality police.

  22. TikTok designer creates jewellery from bacteria

    Scottish artist Chloe Fitzpatrick found fame on TikTok after sharing her unusual creative process.

  23. Ukraine tank breakthrough in south towards Kherson

    Russian officials say Ukrainian armour has made advances in the south and east.

  24. Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng to set out debt plan earlier than planned

    The chancellor has been under pressure to say how he will pay for major tax cuts package.

  25. Danish Royal Family: Queen 'sorry' after stripping grandchildren's titles

    But she did not reverse the decision to remove titles from four of her grandchildren.

  26. UK summons Iran diplomat over protest crackdown

    Iran's top diplomat in the UK is called to the Foreign Office over Tehran's crackdown on protests.

  27. Chancellor attempts to put tax U-turn behind him

    The chancellor says he wants to focus on delivering growth, after admitting it's been a "tough day".

  28. Millions will receive £324 cost-of-living payment in November

    Those on means-tested benefits will get the money between 8 and 23 November, the government says.

  29. Will Smith film Emancipation to release this year

    The slave drama will be released in December, making it eligible for next year's Oscars.

  30. 'Systemic' abuse in top-level US women's football

    Abuse and misconduct "had become systemic" in the United States' top-flight National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), an independent investigation finds.

  31. Liverpool woman attacked by dogs and killed in Kirkdale house

    A woman, aged in her 60s, has died after she was attacked by dogs in a Liverpool house, police say.

  32. Tim Westwood review issues call for evidence

    A barrister is examining what was known about the ex Radio 1 DJ's conduct during his time at the BBC.

  33. London Marathon 2022: Man dies after collapsing during event

    The 36-year-old man became unwell between miles 23 and 24 of the annual 26.2-mile event.

  34. Ringo Starr cancels North American tour after catching Covid

    The Beatles drummer is "recovering at home" and hopes to resume shows soon, his spokesperson says.

  35. Gold coins hidden in 7th Century found in wall

    The 44 coins found in Israel date to the Muslim conquest of the area in 635, archaeologists say.

  36. Iran protests: Supreme leader blames unrest on US and Israel

    In his first comments on the protests, Ayatollah Khamenei accuses Iran's enemies of planning "rioting".

  37. Crowdfunding buys 'Thomas the tank' for Ukraine

    More than 10,000 people donated to the fund, which will supply a modernised T-72 tank named Tomas.

  38. Call an election if you want to change course, Nadine Dorries tells Liz Truss

    The former culture secretary accuses the new PM of dumping Boris Johnson era policies.

  39. Vodafone and Three in merger talks

    The third and fourth largest mobile phone networks reportedly hope to strike a deal by the end of the year.

  40. Tax U-turn lifts pound as borrowing costs fall

    Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng remains under pressure to detail how he will pay for wider tax cuts.

  41. Chechen leader vows to send teenage sons to frontline

    Ramzan Kadyrov claims his sons, aged 14,15 and 16, are well trained and ready to fight for Russia.

  42. Kim Kardashian charged over crypto 'pump and dump' case

    Kim Kardashian agrees to pay $1.26m after regulators charge her in EthereumMax case.

  43. Mortgage rates rise sharply as squeeze tightens

    The average two-year fixed rate is now close to 6% as major lenders raise the cost of deals sharply.

  44. Mr Doodle: Why I covered my entire house with doodles

    Artist Sam Cox, known as Mr Doodle, is living his childhood dream in a house he's adorned with his own art.

  45. Nick Eardley: How tax cut policy U-turn was made

    The PM and chancellor held a series of crisis talks as it became clear the 45p tax cut policy was going to fail.

  46. UK at significant risk of gas shortages this winter, warns energy regulator

    The energy regulator Ofgem warns the UK is at risk of gas shortages this winter.

  47. Cancer-affected women offered skin-tone soft prosthetics

    Women of colour being treated at a London hospital can now choose a "softie" to match their skin tone.

  48. Water rebates for some customers after £150m fines for missing targets

    Thames Water and Southern Water are hardest hit and will have to return almost £80m to customers.

  49. Popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream reveals face

    The YouTuber's 30 million subscribers finally find out what he looks like without a mask.

  50. Wayne Couzens appears in court on flashing charges

    The former Met Police officer is accused of indecent exposures pre-dating Sarah Everard's murder.