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  1. A Shining Moment of Pan-African Promise

    Marilyn Nance was 23 when she photographed FESTAC ’77, the immense gathering of Black artists in Nigeria. In ‘Last Day in Lagos,’ she shares her archive.

  2. Photos Show NASA’s DART Spacecraft Crashing Into Asteroid

    Astronomers on Earth — and a shoebox-size Italian spacecraft called LICIACube — captured the DART mission’s successful strike on Dimorphos.

  3. 3 Chimpanzees Kidnapped for Ransom From Congo Sanctuary

    In a country where wildlife trafficking already runs rampant, conservationists fear that ransoming of animals may become a common tactic used by criminals.

  4. William Ruto Warns About Climate Change at U.N. General Assembly

    “We cannot afford to waste another moment debating the merits of doing something vis a vis doing nothing,” he said.

  5. In Rwanda, a New Golf Course in Kigali Is a Sign of Growth

    The Rwandan government is hoping to build a local golf culture and harness the sport to appeal to international tourists and investors.

  6. ‘The Woman King’ and Intimate Moments Amid Epic Action

    The director Gina Prince-Bythewood is known for her attention to character, but she made this historic saga of female warriors on another scale altogether.

  7. ‘Artistic Awakening’ in Benin as Return of Royal Artifacts Attracts Huge Crowds

    As more looted art comes back to Africa, countries have wrestled with the right way to display it. That 200,000 people have lined up for a show suggests Benin has found an answer.

  8. Spanish Court Clears Way to Return Body of Angola’s Ex-President

    After José Eduardo dos Santos died in Spain, the decision on where to bury him pitted his widow and the Angolan government against some of his adult children.

  9. African Crater Adds an Asteroid Strike to the Late Dinosaur Era

    The impact that made the submarine depression probably occurred close to the dinosaur-ending Chicxulub event, but researchers say much remains to be learned.

  10. Killing of Ranger Protecting Rhinos Raises Fears for Conservation Efforts

    The fatal shooting of the head ranger at the Timbavati reserve in South Africa has stoked concerns that organized poaching syndicates are targeting wildlife protectors.

  11. Kamoya Kimeu, Fossil-Hunting ‘Legend’ in East Africa, Is Dead

    Working closely with the Leakey family in Kenya, he discovered many of the bones that rewrote how we understand human evolution.

  12. Kenyans on Tenterhooks as Votes Are Counted in Presidential Race

    Conflicting estimates of which candidate was ahead suggested a very tight race. Official results are expected to take several days.

  13. The troubles of Kenya’s China-funded train.

  14. William Ruto: Self-Proclaimed Champion of Kenya’s ‘Hustler Nation’

    The candidate’s electoral pitch focuses on hard-working and ambitious young people.

  15. Will 5th Time Be the Charm for Raila Odinga in Kenya’s Election?

    Since his first presidential run three decades ago, Mr. Odinga has been at the center of most of Kenya’s elections.

  16. Here’s how Kenyan elections work.

  17. The Many Uses of CRISPR: Scientists Tell All

    What do infectious diseases, T-cells, tomatoes, heart failure, sickle cell anemia and sorghum harvests have in common?

  18. Commonwealth’s Fissures Exposed at Week of Meetings

    This year’s summit for the group of nations came as they grappled with the place of the monarchy, and as many were forging connections with powers like China and Russia.

  19. The Incredible Journey of Three African Wild Dogs

    Three sisters braved lions, crocodiles, poachers, raging rivers and other dangers on a 1,300-mile transnational effort to forge a new dynasty.

  20. Vaccination rates for the vulnerable are soaring in Africa, the W.H.O. says.

    Encouraging news about Covid-19 vaccination rates among health workers and the elderly is tempered by warnings about the spread of monkeypox.

  21. A Book Has Women in Africa Talking About Sex

    “The Sex Lives of African Women” explores women’s experiences, in their own words, helping foster “a sexual revolution that’s happening across our continent.”

  22. Ryanair Asks Travelers to Prove South African Nationality, in Afrikaans

    The choice of a language that had been imposed by the apartheid government and is not even spoken by many South Africans today has set off complaints.

  23. Giraffes May Be Long-Necked for Fights, Not Just Food

    Evolutionary theories said giraffes developed their height to get to better eats, but ancestors may have gained the advantage through head-butting battles.

  24. How Russia’s Wagner Group Is Expanding in Africa

    Best known for its mercenaries, the Wagner Group also mines diamonds, spreads disinformation and props up autocrats in an effort to grow Russia’s footprint.

  25. Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, Expert in Sickle Cell Disease, Dies at 76

    When his baby boy was diagnosed with the illness, he made it his mission to combat it. He later took his expertise back to his native Ghana.

  26. Seeking Covid Pills, Poor Nations Fear Repeat of AIDS Crisis

    The antiviral pills, plentiful in the United States, are scarce overseas. Health groups and the White House want to expand access but face obstacles that evoke the H.I.V. epidemic.

  27. In Musk’s Past, a South Africa Rife With Misinformation and White Privilege

    Elon Musk grew up in elite, nearly all white enclaves littered with anti-Black government propaganda and sheltered from the atrocities of apartheid.

  28. ‘Artists Are Migrants’: A Nigerian-Irish Dancer’s Multiplicities

    The Lagos-born, Ireland-raised dancer Mufutau Yusuf comes to the Irish Arts Center with “Owe,” a solo, he says, “about my ancestry, my Yoruba heritage.”

  29. U.S. Offers Protection to People Who Fled War in Cameroon

    Temporary protected status will allow an estimated 40,000 Cameroonians to legally live and work in the United States.

  30. ‘Non à la France’, un appel qui enfle

    Des décennies après leur indépendance, l’influence persistante de l’ancienne puissance coloniale est contestée dans de nombreux pays africains.

  31. Heavy Floods and Mudslides Leave at Least 45 Dead in South Africa

    Torrential rain left a trail of destruction in the coastal city of Durban — the latest disaster in a season of storms that some scientists say has been intensified by climate change.

  32. ‘The Daily’ explores a Covid mystery in Africa.

  33. Nearly two-thirds of Africans may have contracted the coronavirus, the W.H.O. says.

  34. Ex-Leader of Burkina Faso Convicted in Killing of Predecessor

    A military tribunal sentenced former President Blaise Compaoré, who is now in exile, to life in prison for his role in the 1987 assassination.

  35. Darfur War Crimes Trial Begins in Hague

    A brutal campaign in western Sudan left the world aghast. Two decades later, the first and only Darfur war crimes trial opened for a man accused of leading the terrifying janjaweed militia.

  36. Western Officials Condemn Reports of ‘Massacre’ by Military in Central Mali

    The State Department and the French foreign ministry said they were alarmed at reports of deaths caused by the Malian armed forces and their allies — Russian mercenaries with the Wagner Group.

  37. Rwandan Court Declines to Extend Sentence for Paul Rusesabagina

    Mr. Rusesabagina, who inspired the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and later lived in exile in the United States, had been given a 25-year term in a case condemned by human-rights groups.

  38. War in Ukraine Compounds Hunger in East Africa

    The conflict has driven up the cost of food in a region that depends heavily on crops from Russia and Ukraine and is facing what could be its worst drought in four decades.

  39. U.S. Allows Hunters to Import Some Elephant Trophies From African Countries

    After settling a lawsuit filed during the Trump administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service granted six permits to bring elephant parts into the country. It may approve more in the coming months.

  40. Kenya’s Supreme Court Rejects President’s Plan to Amend Constitution

    Civil society groups had criticized the proposal as an attempt to expand presidential power and strengthen the elite’s grip on national politics.

  41. The African Artist-Writer Who Mapped New Worlds

    In 1948, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré had a vision that led him to invent a new writing system. The Museum of Modern Art explores his more than 1,000 drawings.

  42. President Dissolves Tunisia’s Parliament, Deepening Political Crisis

    President Kais Saied, who suspended Parliament last year, dismissed that body after lawmakers challenged the autocratic powers he has exercised.

  43. Nigerians Mourn Victims of Deadly Train Attack

    An attack by gunmen on a popular train route connecting Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, to a regional hub in the north, has left many with a growing feeling of insecurity.

  44. U.S. Pressured to Open Consulates in Jerusalem and Western Sahara

    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, on travels through the Middle East and North Africa over the past week, was urged by Arab leaders to make good on past promises.

  45. Ethiopia Declares ‘Humanitarian Truce’ in War-Ravaged Tigray Region

    The conflict, now lasting 17 months, has left thousands dead, millions displaced and hindered aid from reaching those going hungry in the country’s northern region.

  46. South Africa begins to lift Covid restrictions but leaves its indoor mask mandate.