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  1. 13 Women, 30 Activities and One Goal: Make Friends

    I traveled to Morocco with a group-travel company that promises to build “meaningful friendships” among its youngish clientele.

  2. Corruption Watchdog Moves to Clear Cyril Ramaphosa

    After $580,000 was stolen from a sofa of President Cyril Ramaphosa, his head of security skirted regulations, but the president did not, according to a preliminary report by a corruption watchdog.

  3. Cyclone Freddy Lashes Mozambique and Madagascar

    The storm, which has killed 21 people already, has hit several countries in southeastern Africa and is on track to last longer than the record of 31 days.

  4. The surprise third-party candidate who electrified Nigeria’s youth and whose party is refusing to concede.

    Peter Obi was until recently a secondary player in Nigerian politics. By switching parties and appealing to the digitally savvy, he overturned the old order.

  5. Exploring South Africa’s Black Wine Scene

    White South Africans control a vast majority of the country’s wine industry. But it’s growing increasingly possible to support Black winemakers and owners.

  6. An Artist With Roots in Nairobi and New York Imagines a New Destiny

    With sculptures that blend evolutionary history and science fiction, Wangechi Mutu draws on her bicontinental life for an ambitious New Museum survey.

  7. Turning Nairobi’s Public Libraries Into ‘Palaces for the People’

    A Kenyan nonprofit is restoring iconic public libraries, leaving behind a segregated past and turning them into inclusive spaces.

  8. Wagner Group May Have Committed War Crimes in Mali, UN Experts Say

    Persistent reports point to “horrific executions” and other atrocities possibly committed by the Kremlin-affiliated mercenary force and the Malian military, according to human rights experts.

  9. On Safari, On Foot

    On a walking safari in Zambia, a writer traded animal locator apps and spine-jostling game drives for a slow and sensuous experience in which the lore and nuances of the landscape came to the fore.

  10. He’s Dazzled Diners in the U.S. Now He Aims to ‘Change People’s Perspectives’ in Ivory Coast.

    The chef Roze Traore has spent years building a name for himself in New York, but for his new project, he’s tapping his family ties to West Africa.

  11. It Took Nearly 30 Years. Is America Ready for Ben Okri Now?

    The acclaimed Nigerian British writer is resonating with American readers in a moment of national crisis. “Maybe nations go through a time when they just can’t hear certain kinds of voices,” he said.

  12. Gerrie Coetzee, Afrikaner Boxing Champ Who Fought Apartheid, Dies at 67

    He won the World Boxing Association title in 1983, became a symbol of racial comity and showed a surprising gentleness in public.

  13. The Cheetahs Made a Kill. Then the Safari Trucks Swarmed In.

    A video showing dozens of vehicles moving in on a pair of big cats in a Kenyan game reserve highlights how “aggressive tourism” can put endangered animals at even greater risk.

  14. Book Review: ‘House of Bondage,’ by Ernest Cole

    In a newly reissued photo book from 1967, Ernest Cole surveys the ever-present atrocities of European oppression.

  15. White Men Charged in Attack on Black Teenagers at Pool in South Africa

    Two youths who tried to use a pool at a resort on Christmas Day said they were told it was for “white people only.” The violent encounter led to a charge of attempted murder and a call by the presiden

  16. Day 27: What Are Kids Saying About Kwanzaa?

    As some Black families celebrate Kwanzaa this week, we asked children to share their impressions of this nonreligious holiday honoring African American culture.

  17. Nets, Buoys, Salt, Ice. For West African Fishermen, ‘Everything’ Is Going Up.

    Fishermen in Sierra Leone need large amounts of ice to store their catch on multiday journeys. Like many commodities, it has become pricey.

  18. Tshala Muana, Congolese Singer With Danceable Messages, Dies at 64

    A superstar in Africa, she sang in the language of her tribe and often addressed social concerns, insisting on women’s strength and decrying abuse.

  19. Biden Aims to Inject New Energy Into US Relations With African Nations

    With the United States lagging behind China in influence on the continent, the president pledged investments in key areas for development.

  20. Chanel Brings Its First Runway Show to Africa

    The French brand brought its Métiers d’Art show to Dakar.

  21. Ramaphosa Vows to Fight Impeachment Report and Seek Re-election

    The South African president had considered resigning after Parliament released a report last week accusing him of violating his oath of office by obscuring details about a 2020 robbery at his game far

  22. Harriet Bograd, 79, Dies; Mentor to Jewish Communities Around the World

    She helped Jews in Africa and elsewhere feel connected to their origins by helping them start businesses and open synagogues and schools.

  23. How Europe Decides Who Wins the World Cup

    The global appetites of Europe’s major leagues shape talent pipelines from South America to Africa. That picks winners and losers long before the games are played.

  24. Senegal’s Aliou Cissé on World Cup Hopes and How FIFA Slights Africa

    “What matters at the World Cup is experience,” Senegal’s coach says. “How do you want to have experience if you go to the World Cup every 20 years?”

  25. In Hunt to Solve ‘Fairy Circle’ Mystery, One Suspect Is Dismissed

    Water competition, termites and poisons have all been credited with causing the formations in an African desert’s vegetation, but researchers say a new study discounts one of them.

  26. King Tut Died Long Ago, but the Debate About His Tomb Rages On

    Maybe the walls are disguising the undiscovered burial chamber of Nefertiti. Or “maybe it’s Al Capone’s safe.”

  27. It Takes a Lot of Elephant Brains to Solve This Mystery

    By counting the facial neurons in African savanna and Asian elephants, researchers made a discovery about the animals’ trunks.

  28. Nigeria Floods Kill Hundreds and Displace Over a Million

    The country is experiencing its worst floods in years, damaging homes, infrastructure and vast sections of farmland.

  29. China Recruiting Former R.A.F. Pilots to Train Army Pilots., U.K. Says

    Citing national security, Britain wants to stop its retired military pilots from accepting lucrative contracts to train members of the People’s Liberation Army.

  30. The Search Is on for Mysterious Banana Ancestors

    A new study shows that domesticated bananas have genetic markers tying them to three types of wild bananas that have not yet been found.

  31. Bamigboye, Nigeria’s Tour-de-Force Sculptor, Claims His Fame in the World

    Yale University Art Gallery maps the surviving work of the Yoruban carver in his 50-year career bridging ritual and modern art. Attention is long overdue.

  32. Primate Pals: When Chimps and Gorillas Form Rainforest Friendships

    In a Congolese national park, great apes of different species interact socially, with individuals clearly recognizing one another.

  33. A Shining Moment of Pan-African Promise

    Marilyn Nance was 23 when she photographed FESTAC ’77, the immense gathering of Black artists in Nigeria. In ‘Last Day in Lagos,’ she shares her archive.

  34. Photos Show NASA’s DART Spacecraft Crashing Into Asteroid

    Astronomers on Earth — and a shoebox-size Italian spacecraft called LICIACube — captured the DART mission’s successful strike on Dimorphos.

  35. 3 Chimpanzees Kidnapped for Ransom From Congo Sanctuary

    In a country where wildlife trafficking already runs rampant, conservationists fear that ransoming of animals may become a common tactic used by criminals.

  36. William Ruto Warns About Climate Change at U.N. General Assembly

    “We cannot afford to waste another moment debating the merits of doing something vis a vis doing nothing,” he said.

  37. In Rwanda, a New Golf Course in Kigali Is a Sign of Growth

    The Rwandan government is hoping to build a local golf culture and harness the sport to appeal to international tourists and investors.

  38. ‘The Woman King’ and Intimate Moments Amid Epic Action

    The director Gina Prince-Bythewood is known for her attention to character, but she made this historic saga of female warriors on another scale altogether.

  39. ‘Artistic Awakening’ in Benin as Return of Royal Artifacts Attracts Huge Crowds

    As more looted art comes back to Africa, countries have wrestled with the right way to display it. That 200,000 people have lined up for a show suggests Benin has found an answer.

  40. Spanish Court Clears Way to Return Body of Angola’s Ex-President

    After José Eduardo dos Santos died in Spain, the decision on where to bury him pitted his widow and the Angolan government against some of his adult children.

  41. African Crater Adds an Asteroid Strike to the Late Dinosaur Era

    The impact that made the submarine depression probably occurred close to the dinosaur-ending Chicxulub event, but researchers say much remains to be learned.

  42. Killing of Ranger Protecting Rhinos Raises Fears for Conservation Efforts

    The fatal shooting of the head ranger at the Timbavati reserve in South Africa has stoked concerns that organized poaching syndicates are targeting wildlife protectors.

  43. Kamoya Kimeu, Fossil-Hunting ‘Legend’ in East Africa, Is Dead

    Working closely with the Leakey family in Kenya, he discovered many of the bones that rewrote how we understand human evolution.

  44. Kenyans on Tenterhooks as Votes Are Counted in Presidential Race

    Conflicting estimates of which candidate was ahead suggested a very tight race. Official results are expected to take several days.

  45. The troubles of Kenya’s China-funded train.

  46. William Ruto: Self-Proclaimed Champion of Kenya’s ‘Hustler Nation’

    The candidate’s electoral pitch focuses on hard-working and ambitious young people.

  47. Will 5th Time Be the Charm for Raila Odinga in Kenya’s Election?

    Since his first presidential run three decades ago, Mr. Odinga has been at the center of most of Kenya’s elections.

  48. Here’s how Kenyan elections work.

  49. The Many Uses of CRISPR: Scientists Tell All

    What do infectious diseases, T-cells, tomatoes, heart failure, sickle cell anemia and sorghum harvests have in common?

  50. Commonwealth’s Fissures Exposed at Week of Meetings

    This year’s summit for the group of nations came as they grappled with the place of the monarchy, and as many were forging connections with powers like China and Russia.