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  1. Ukraine Gains Momentum on the Battlefield After a Bruising Summer

    As Ukraine takes back territory, it is making ground toward the city of Lysychansk, which fell to the Russians only three months ago.

  2. A Public Health Success Story

    We revisit the subject of Covid and racial inequities.

  3. She Was Raped in Parliament, She Says. Now Her Case Is Before a Court.

    The trial of the Australian man accused of sexually assaulting Brittany Higgins will be viewed against the backdrop of the global #MeToo movement.

  4. Russia’s War in Ukraine Sends Swedish Marines Into the Arms of NATO

    Russia’s war in Ukraine has sent marines from famously neutral Sweden into the arms of NATO, where they have begun working with American forces.

  5. Climate Change for Preschoolers: A TV Show Explores Unmapped Ground

    There are almost no books, TV shows or other tools to help parents and teachers talk to preschoolers about climate change. “Octonauts: Above and Beyond” is one of the first to try.

  6. What Video Footage Reveals About the Protests in Iran

    The New York Times analyzed dozens of videos circulating online for insights about what is propelling the demonstrations, and how women are leading the movement.

  7. Nobel Prize in Physics to Be Awarded Today

    The second Nobel announced this year will be presented by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

  8. Journalist Percy Lapid Is Fatally Shot in the Philippines

    The radio host Percival Mabasa was killed during an ambush, the police said. He had been a prominent critic of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte.

  9. At Long Last, Can Malaria Be Eradicated?

    Two new vaccines may finally turn back an ancient plague. But in unexpected ways, their arrival also complicates the path to ending the disease.

  10. South Korean Internet Giant Buys Poshmark in $1.2 Billion Deal

    With its new acquisition — the company’s largest to date — Naver has gained a sizable foothold in North America’s secondhand retail market.

  11. Your Tuesday Briefing

    Ukraine’s advances against Russian forces.

  12. Scouting for Firewood, or for Russia? On the Front Line in Ukraine.

    Outside the city of Lyman, Ukrainian troops ran across a 69-year-old Soviet veteran. He was placed in an improvised blindfold. All were enveloped in the fog of war.

  13. Small Leak Is Still Visible From Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Swedish Officials Say

    Damage to the gas line was discovered last week under the Baltic Sea.

  14. François Legault Wins Re-election in Quebec

    Voters in Quebec gave a second term to Premier François Legault, who has shifted the province from a once fervent-independence movement to a nationalism focused on French Québécois identity.

  15. CDC Ends Country-by-Country Covid Travel Advisories

    The agency said it would no longer maintain a list of coronavirus travel warnings because “fewer countries are testing or reporting Covid-19 cases,” limiting its ability to assess travel risks.

  16. Blinken Meets With Gustavo Petro of Colombia Amid Differences

    The Biden administration disagrees with President Gustavo Petro’s views on the drug war, Venezuela and Cuba, but hopes to retain the historically strong ties the United States has with Bogotá.

  17. Art Withers in a Country Where Anything Can Be Deemed a Threat

    In Bangladesh, a crackdown on free speech has left filmmakers in a Kafkaesque bind as their movies are blocked for vague reasons.

  18. Russia’s Small Nuclear Arms: A Risky Option for Putin and Ukraine Alike

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has 2,000 small nuclear weapons, but their utility on the battlefield may not be worth the longer-term costs.

  19. In Retreat on Ukrainian Fronts, Russia Shows Signs of Disarray

    Confusion and recriminations marked the Russian efforts to call up draftees and claim sovereignty over Ukrainian territory, as well as the Russian response to battlefield setbacks.

  20. Japan Warns Residents to Take Shelter as North Korea Launches Missile

    The test-firing was the latest in a flurry of launchings by the North. The missile flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific.

  21. Elon Musk Tweets About How to End to End the War in Ukraine

    President Zelensky swiftly dismisses the entrepreneur’s suggestion on Twitter.

  22. Election Deniers in U.S. Push Idea of Voting Fraud in Brazil

    Some prominent election denialists in the United States are using Brazil to try to whip up concern about the approaching midterms.

  23. Brittney Griner’s Appeal Hearing Set for Oct. 25, Russian Court Says

    The United States has sought the release of the W.N.B.A. star, who pleaded guilty to drug possession and was sentenced to nine years.

  24. Three Ways to Build Back Smarter After Hurricane Ian

    Big storms more becoming more common. That makes it crucial to take climate change into account when rebuilding.

  25. Your Tuesday Briefing: Indonesia Investigates Its Soccer Tragedy

    Plus Brazil’s elections move to a runoff and Ukraine surges forward in the Donbas.

  26. Brazil Braces for ‘White-Knuckle Race’ Between Bolsonaro and Lula

    President Jair Bolsonaro had once looked doomed in the country’s high-stakes election. But now, in a runoff, the right-wing incumbent has a path to re-election.

  27. Victoria and Albert Museum Reverses Course and Removes Sackler Name

    The museum’s director had previously said he was not going to erase the name of the Sackler family, which founded Purdue Pharma, the creator of an addictive opioid painkiller.

  28. Deadly Soccer Clash in Indonesia Puts Police Tactics, and Impunity, in Spotlight

    Experts say officers are almost never held accountable for their actions. And in a huge police budget, billions are spent on tear gas, batons and other devices deployed during protests.

  29. U.S. Said to Plan New Limits on China’s A.I. and Supercomputing Firms

    The new rules could be the most sweeping action taken yet by the Biden administration to thwart China’s access to American technology that powers data centers and supercomputers.

  30. Iran’s Supreme Leader Condemns Protests Gripping Country

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, speaking for the first time about the uprising, accused the U.S. and Israel of fomenting unrest and voiced support for the crackdown on protesters.

  31. Éric Dupond-Moretti, French Justice Minister, Faces Trial

    Éric Dupond-Moretti opened investigations of judges he had clashed with as a lawyer, prompting accusations that he had abused his position to settle scores.

  32. Head of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Released From Detention

    The detention by Russia of Ihor Murashov had stoked concerns about the security of Europe’s largest nuclear plant.

  33. The Kremlin, after trumpeting annexation, admits it doesn’t know where the borders are.

  34. Ukraine’s Forces Push Forward on Two Fronts

    Russian-installed officials acknowledged losing ground in both the east and south, as Ukraine’s troops sought to extend a run of battlefield successes.

  35. Arema fans gather for a weeklong vigil to pay respects to the dead.

  36. Donald Trump’s Methods

    His speaking style is more strategic than it sometimes seems. Listen for the first time to audio clips from an interview with Maggie Haberman.

  37. Ukraine’s First Lady Tells ’60 Minutes’ of the War’s Impact

    Olena Zelenska told CBS News that Russian attacks on schools, hospitals and residential areas have been a form of terrorism.

  38. Unearthing Everyday Life at an Ancient Site in Greece

    Excavations in the Peloponnesian village of Iklaina are yielding rich insights into the lives of the Mycenaean civilization’s general population.

  39. A 95-Square-Foot Tokyo Apartment: ‘I Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else’

    Meet the young Japanese who have decided to live in a shoe box.

  40. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Be Awarded Today

    It will be the first Nobel Prize awarded this year, with more announcements being made over the coming week.

  41. Indonesian human rights official says tear gas likely played a key role in the disaster.

    An initial examination shows that police also used violent force against fans. Without gas, the tragedy might have been avoided, the organization said.

  42. Truss, in Reversal, Drops Plan to Cut U.K. Tax Rate on High Earners

    The announcement was a major capitulation by the government after tax cuts it announced roiled financial markets and drew widespread criticism.

  43. Truss, in Reversal, Drops Plan to Cut U.K. Tax Rate on High Earners

    The announcement was a major capitulation by the government after tax cuts it announced roiled financial markets and drew widespread criticism.

  44. The investigation will take two weeks, an official says.

  45. Indonesia Appoints Independent Commission to Investigate Deaths

    Questions remain about why the police used tear gas to disperse fans in the overcrowded stadium. At least 125 people died, many trampled, after Saturday’s game.

  46. Your Monday Briefing

    Nord Stream leakages stop.

  47. Bolsonaro Outperforms Polls and Forces Runoff Against Lula in Brazil’s Presidential Election

    The two political titans will face off again later this month in a race widely seen as a major test for one of the world’s largest democracies.

  48. Russia’s Annexation Claim Is News to Residents of Lyman, Ukraine

    Without access to electricity, radios or the internet, residents of Lyman said they were unaware of President Vladimir V. Putin’s grandiose celebration of an illegal land grab.

  49. Nord Stream Pipelines Have Stopped Leaking After Earlier Damage

    Both European and Russian leaders have said that ruptures discovered undersea were an act of sabotage.

  50. Bolsonaro outperforms the polls as Brazil’s election appears headed to a runoff.